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Mart of China is an online China company selling clothes online which I had numerous issues with. Setting aside the smaller ones and only concentrating on four major issues:

Firstly, false advertising. They advertised a jacket as leather. Made of leather. So I bought it. I arrived (it arrived almost a month later although I was charged for UPS) and it wasn't leather! I chatted online with the supplierr and they confirmed it was PVC and when I said it was false advertising, was merely told "ok, we'll remove the leather from the description". I don't want PVC, my skin can't breath in it.

Secondly, another item which arrived was of a totally different product. After taking pictures of the product and sending it to them, they admitted the blouse I ordered was out of stock so they substituted with a tube. I don't wear tube and don't want it.

Thirdly, I asked for refund of the two items and they refused. Still in dispute after 3 weeks.

I wrote a number of reviews of the clothing I bought (15 pieces) and obviously the bad reviews failed to be published on their site.

Lastly, they overcharged for shipping costs. They probably charged me for around 6kg but the actual weigh was only 4kg.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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We're really upset. Ordered the dress more then 1 month ago...And still didn't receive anything....

jack Irina
to Popugai #883121

dear customer, you may receive our reply in 1 working day if you e-mail us.Since it's National holiday in China between 1st till 7th Oct, some shipments are delayed because the express company are not working.

can you tell me your order number?we will pay more attention to it and update you the information if necessary.

to jack Irina Killeen, Texas, United States #908272

Wow. Never thought your business would suck so bad that you search and troll review sites to combat your *** business practices.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #840031

Hi everyone.I thought I would quickly throw in my two cents here :) I own an online merchandise website that has been really starting to pick up on the traffic and was looking for a way to keep my customers on the site longer and hey buy some stuff.

I had heard about Mart of China off Instagram and had a look through their stuff tonight. It was a well made site and so far my only complaint is the high cost of shipping. I've just purchased two dresses and a pair of leggings to test their quality, service and shipping time. I actually had found this blog afterwards doing a little more research on the company.

To be honest it scared me and I even started to head to PayPal to cancel my order. Instead I read just a little more on here and came to the realization that maybe just maybe they are being unfairly persacuted by a competitor as all the major players in this convo are not willing to give a purchase order #.

So for the sake of all those reading this after me and for my own *** curiosity I kept my order :p Stay tuned for the conclusion of my experience with MOC.Cheers

to Vancity Curiosty #933283

Did they ever come in?


Worst experience ever with martofchina! I am a student and regret buying heels to sell on to make a bit of extra cash, as the minute I tried them on they snapped!!! Do not buy off them!!

to Anonymous #786100

Dear friend,

thanks for letting us know your problem. can you tell me your order number?then we can help you resolve the :) issue

jack Irina

We always take customers' feedback seriously especially the terrible ones.Because It is the ones that tell us where we can improve that are valuable

So we asked the reviewers to tell us the order number to help resolve their issue.

, But none of them replied us back.

The truth is they never purchase from our site and therefore cannot provide an order number.All their make ups is nonsense and pointless.

to jack Irina #869572

i am really very scared to shop from your sit, but i just cant stop my self because i have just loved some of your items...

i am from India, Sikkim and its very much near to china so i guess i, may not b having much problem with shipping delays ..

what do you suggest jack Irina?????????????????????


i admit that it is a joyful shopping experience, i just order one necklace, for the sake of its security, just buy one item for free shipping, but they shipped to me, i got it, it is so nice and gorgeous to match the clothes...

so i am gonna to order something else

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